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African Corporation for Development

The African Corporation for Development [ACD] Efforts to bring high-tech jobs or knowledge-based businesses culminated into the creation of the African Corporation (ACD). This organization is founded by the groupe members, to help create, grow and attract high-wage jobs and knowledge-based businesses.

The African Corporation Vision is for african Countries to become the economic hub of the most creative, innovative and progressive region in Africa, with continually increasing opportunity and prosperity.

What is the most effective long-term approach for achieving such a vision? From an economic development perspective, it is to help create, grow and attract higher-than-average-wage jobs and knowledge-based businesses (KBBs), furthering the development of a creative and innovation-based economy. ACD is poised to emerge from this recession on the right side of the new economy and ACD will try its best to make sure that happens.

To that end, ACD is a focused, collaborative partner in community economic development, working with many state and local agencies and organizations, though none more closely than the African Show Economic Development Authority (ACEDA).

Aside from attraction efforts, ACD dedicates the majority of our time to the community, working with established businesses, entrepreneurs, economic development partners, colleges and universities. ACD hosts networking events with strategic business goals or industry focus in addition to offering a variety of business education and professional development programs. ACD works closely with Partners, among others, to identify new funding sources for companies seeking capital. ACD meets regularly, one-on-one, with local and entrepreneurs to offer information, ideas and resources.

Last but not least, ACD will manage a website being registered users and local business owners, and a blog[] that generates relevant discussion and awareness of related business issues. ACD will also run a successful jobs and resume board, connecting talent to jobs and jobs to talent. At any one time.

Besides its famous “no assholes” policy, the African Corporation gets high marks for a company culture that values integrity and teamwork. , founded 2016 and privately owned, two-thirds of employees are currently shareholders. The feeling, says one, is that “everyone is playing the same game and we are all equal contributors.”

Adresse : 256
Ville : kampala
Code postal : 256
Région : kampala
Téléphone #1 : réservé aux membres
Téléphone #2 : réservé aux membres
Effectifs : 20 personnes
Capital : 100.000
Annuaire : sidérurgie, services financiers, agencement


Type de société : Agent commercial
Mobile : réservé aux membres
MSN : réservé aux membres
Page facebook : réservé aux membres