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Hello Timber Buyers, We are a Legal (licensed)Timber Exportation Company in Central Africa We deal exclusively on Exploiting and Exporting Round Logs and sawn Wood from Central Africa to other countries. The Government has just
allocate to us our zone for timber tracing. we have 56.000 hectares of
virgin forest to exploit which is very rich in African trees.
We have tons of unharvested timber awaiting your command. Seize this opportunity to be a long lasting Timber Importer from us. Buyers can come or send a delegate to visit our forest and even choose the trees to be cut. We have several species like Okan, Tali, Teak, Okoume, Bubinga ,Sapelli, Dabema,
Ebony,Teak etc.Just name the plant and we shall do the rest from
here. Our FOB Prices are Douala port dependent through renowned
Shipping Agencies or any Transporter of your choice. You can equally make a Wood Sample Request from us which will be sent to you through
DHL or TNT to your Postal Address in your country! Just contact us for more details

Adresse : Akwa 00237,
Ville : DOUALA
Code postal : 00237
Région : littoral
Téléphone #1 : réservé aux membres
Capital : 600000000
Annuaire : agriculture, minéraux, import-export


Prénom : BOIS
Type de société : Producteur
Téléphone : réservé aux membres
Mobile : réservé aux membres