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    Date de dépot : 17 February 2017
    Catégorie(s) : services, services
    Origine : Tunisie
    Mots clefs : draft survey; ullage; tally; i

    Inter Sea Maghreb Sarl was established in 2001 as a marine consultant, damage evaluator and petrochemical cargo inspector based in the head office in Tunisia and have branch offices at Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and Mauritania. Our company has expanded over the years to include new areas, including Europe and the Middle East. The company is directed from Tunisia and all operations are monitored closely so that we can keep clients updated all the times. We take pride in being able to contact clients after hours if they require news about their vessel's loading or discharging operation, international operations are also supported by our administration and accounting staff based in Tunisia. ISM staff includes, chief marine surveyor, chief cargo inspector, petroleum chemists and expert witnesses. Our directors who oversee daily operations have extensive experience with two major international oil companies so we believe we are one of the most technically competent companies. In addition to our staff who operate only in their immediate areas we have Tunisian based staff who will travel anywhere in the North Africa at short notice to attend the loading or discharging of a vessel on a single operation basis. These staff will also carry out shore installation inspections and supply in-depth reports on the procedures at such installation. Beginning in 2017 a new branch at Egypt will be opened with a head office in Damietta city. It is one of the most leading, reliable, well reputed inspection companies of inspection and survey. Thus, we take the opportunity to offer our services to your esteemed co., hoping that it will meet your requirements, we provide up-to-date primary reports to put the customer abreast of the exact circumstances of the inspection minute by minute. When necessary, our report will be illustrated by photos to put the customer at the exact circumstances and site of the event. Our company is comprised of highly-qualified professionals, who offer you a reliable and honest response to your business necessities, ISM has carried out A wide range of marine surveys to international companies, shipping lines, maritime agencies, P&I clubs, agricultural and chemical companies.

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    Sésame , acajou et coton

    Date de dépot : 18 February 2017
    Catégorie(s) : services, fournisseurs, service divers
    Origine : Bénin
    Mots clefs : acajou , coton et sésame

    Nous y voilà !, la saison est ouverte. Me contracté pour tous vos achats de sésame , acajou et coton . Coton graines , farine de blé en gros , tomate en conserve et autres , lhuile vegetale, dechet de coton ( line cleaner), les pates alimentaires , . . . Merci

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    Date de dépot : 03 March 2017
    Catégorie(s) : services
    Origine : France
    Mots clefs : finansment,investment, loan

    We are consultant in private investment and transferring business; mainly in the field of financing and investment. We are currently in direct contact with several investors and private that want to invest in any profitable project; real estate and Constructions, Telecommunications, Industry, Trade, Metal Project, Automotive project... They also intervene in the following areas: * Finansment and project investment * Financing and investment in real estate * Market funding * Real estate loan * Investment ready * Car loan * Debt consolidation * Line of credit * Personal loan. For more information, please kindly contact me directly to my private address and I can put you in direct contact with the investor. GLOBAL SERVICE & NEGOCE Regards!

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    Date de dépot : 03 May 2017
    Catégorie(s) : agriculture, services, services
    Origine : Côte-d'Ivoire
    Mots clefs : cacao

    Dans le cadre de la campagne cacaoyère 2017 - 2018, nous proposons les services suivant : - ecabossage mécanisée, 400 kg de cacao frais à l'heure - logistique agricole, jusqu’à 6 tonnes Acheteurs et coopératives, optimisez vos flux de produits et maîtrisez vos coûts avec un traitement vous garantissant la qualité d'un bon produits Pour toutes informations contact Fiacre Fiko Vidéo démo :

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